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The Gransportivo GSR4000 BEV Bike at the track

Imagine a scooter that didn't need so much maintenance, no oil change, no lubing of the chains, no trips to the gas station, and who's annual services and registration would cost as little to none. 

The Gransportivo GSR4000 flaunting its trendy Euro design

Gransportivo is a trusted brand in Electric mobility

The Gransportivo GSR4000 shows off its exceptional build quality and styling

The ergonomic array of handlebar switches and controls, a lockable glove box, a bag hook, and a lockable ignition switch

The GSR4000 comes with a retro and trendy lockable faux leather rear carrier bag

The compartment under the lockable seat houses the powerful 4000 Watt 72V/50AH Battery

The Gransportivo GSR4000's relaxed and comfortable riding position

The large, round, and clear digital instrumentation panel shows the speed, battery voltage, trip meter, odometer, battery level, regenerative charging meter, and headlight indicator 

Integrated into the rear rim is the powerful permanent-magnet electric motor which features regenerative braking

It was so nice to find out that the GSR400 is one of the few BEV bikes with a regenerative braking feature. Regenerative braking in electric scooters is effective in extending range. Rather than converting kinetic energy into heat, regenerative braking harnesses the kinetic energy and converts it into electrical energy before feeding it back into the main traction battery.

Great handling on turns at the Carmona Racing Circuit 

Speed testing the Gransportivo GSR4000
Top speed of 75km/hr and acceleration of 0-50km/hr in 5.0secs

The author Monch Henares loving the Gransportivo GSR400 E-bike

Look no more, introducing the Gransportivo GSR4000, the full-electric version of the iconic Italian scooter. A well designed piece of art with a silent pounding electric heart that is not only transforming two-wheeled mobility but ushering a spirited new sense of energy to the open road.

With the Gransportivo GSR4000, you can cruise the urban streets in absolute silence,  As you navigate around town or the countryside, the utmost absence of noise pollution will ensure you appreciate the smooth quiet ride and enjoy the sounds nature brings. 

It's sad for some internal combustion engine (ICE) aficionados, but pretty soon we will be switching from our gasoline polluting motorcycle to a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) bike. But, there are huge benefits to going electric. The cost of electricity can be up to 40% less than what you pay for gasoline or diesel. If you start computing the cost per kilometer, your savings gets even better. Compared to gasoline or diesel, if you decide to switch to electric, you could be cutting cost by up to 50% or more.


Seeing it for the first time, I asked myself, "Could it be"? Its cool minty green color is the first feature that attracted my eye. Second was the all familiar upright stance and curvy shape. It surely fooled me until I saw the brand "Gransportivo" etched onto its rear hip. Even the overall size looked identical.

As I moved for a closer look, I notice the seamless build quality that would match any of the expensive scooters available in the market. I couldn't miss the shiny chrome-like embellishers around the headlight, taillight, front direction indicators, digital instrument panel, and the integrated cowl and side steps which I feel added a lot of bling to the styling.

Adding a sporty and sleek look is the 12" 5-spoke 2-tone aluminum-alloy front wheel that wore a Kenda Curve street tire, size 90/90-12. 

To elegantly soften all the chrome trims, the GSR4000 comes with a retro and trendy lockable faux leather rear carrier bag which is large enough to fit a full-size helmet, riding gear, and personal effects.

The compartment under the lockable seat houses the powerful 4000 Watt 72V/50AH Battery and portable 220AC adaptor/charger. There is enough storage space for a few other essentials like a leather jacket, raincoat, etc.


The whole bike weighs 117kg and can carry a max load of 165kg. The seat is 810mm high, making it perfectly safe for the height of the average (5' 4") Filipino urban rider. The upright seating position, where my feet are nicely rested on step panels, creates a ride so relaxing and comfortable. I find it suitable for sightseeing and enjoying the beautiful countryside.

The switches and controls on the handle bar are ergonomically easy for your fingers to navigate through, thus creating a safer journey by keeping your undivided attention on the road ahead. The large, round, and clear digital instrumentation panel shows the speed, battery voltage, trip meter, odometer, battery level, regenerative charging meter, and headlight indicator.

The overall ride is smooth and tamed as it passes over bumps and uneven patches of pavement. The battery which is the heaviest part of the bike is positioned low and in the middle, creating the ideal low center of gravity. The whole body stays true to form as it rockets to top speed just like a heavier bike would feel. 


The muscle behind the Gransportivo GSR4000 is its 4000 Watt Lithium ion CATL removeable battery, which is equivalent to the power of a 125cc motorcycle. It runs a permanent magnet motor, ingeniously installed as the rear wheel rim. With a charging time of 5-7 hours, it can run a maximum range of 150km on one full charge. 

I rode it for like 20-30 km a day and recharged it only once a week. Charging it from 20-100% using the included 220v/8A adaptor/charger cost me an affordable low amount of only Php48.00 (calculated using my Meralco bill data). That would cost just about 41 centavos per kilometer. 


One morning, my co-driver and friend, Henry Buenconsejo and myself loaded the bike onto a Suzuki APV (yes it did fit by removing the rear seats). We drove 45 mins going south to the Carmona Racing Circuit which is a 1.090km long track with 9 turns specially designed for motorbikes and Karts. I ran a total 57kms on the track and put the GSR4000 through some basic tests.

Click on Video to watch the GSR4000 on the track.

Since it was my first time on that track, I rode a few initial laps to get the feel of the scooter and the track surface. My lap time improved as every lap went by. By the 6th lap, I figured I was confident enough to start the GSR4000's speed and handling tests.

It handled quite well on the turns. Shifting body weight and leaning on turns felt natural and easy to do. It didn't give a fight at all. Steering felt sharp and the tires stayed planted. I was totally enjoying the instant torque the electric motor would give right out of a turn. 

I gunned it, and it went. Fully charged (82.5V), my max speed was 75kmph, but as the battery charge level went down, so did the top speed. It leveled off at 65kmph. Acceleration from 0-50kph took 5.5 seconds. It was totally exhilarating and electrifying to say the least. 

Since I had the only BEV bike on the track that day, I was given 15min time-slots throughout the morning and of course I had the track to myself every time. Everyone checked out the bike at the paddock, not only because it was rare to see an BEV bike on the track, but because it was a stylish and sexy looking work of art. It was so quiet, no one noticed it racing and going high speed on the track. 

Click on Video to witness the speed of the GSR4000

I believe it could have gone faster on the turns if we lowered the tire pressure a bit. It would have also gone faster on the straights if we removed the leather carrier bag at the back. It would have reduced wind drag.  But, I wasn't there to race it, but only to test its capabilities. It was nice to personally witness the GSR4000's hidden strengths and capabilities.


BEV bikes are powerful machines and are definitely not toys. Can you imagine what kind of disaster could happen if an adventurous youngster or maybe even a playful adult would accidentally twist the Speed Controller (SC) on the handle bar with the power on, while it is leaning on its side kickstand and parked on a busy street? Thank the imaginative engineers who designed the electrics on this BEV. They have incorporated two safety switches that would make the SC inactive in dangerous situations like this. One inactivates the SC if the kickstand is down, the other is a sliding on/off switch on left of the SC that can disable it manually.

The GSR4000 is safety-equipped with front and rear disc brakes, brake and turn-signal lights, hi-lo halogen headlight, a horn, side mirrors, and a tamper-proof ignition switch.


Yes I would, as I am an advocate for clean energy, clean air, and preserving nature. I am totally against environmental pollution including that of excessive noise. I am ready for change. There is this awesome feeling about going electric when you are ahead of the game in doing something for the environment.

The Gransportivo GSR4000 BEV bike sells for Php155,000.00. It can be LTO registered without a renewal date, but we will have to wait for the LTO to release more EV guidelines as it is also new to them. Good thing, it doesn't need a yearly smog test either. 

I am convinced it is economical to operate, easy to use, with almost nothing to maintain, and is undeniably a looker and definitely a keeper. Luckily it has only a few moving parts, making it a long lasting means of transportation one can own.  All I have to do now is to install some solar panels at home to finally charge it for free.

Colors available are Crème, Green, White, Wine and Bright Red.

Visit the Gransportivo Showroom at KM 47 Caltex station, Governor's Drive, Carmona, Cavite

Call: + 63 917328 4775


Follow Gransportivo Electric Vehicles on Facebook and Instagram.

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