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Hariphil Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the official distributor of Hyundai commercial vehicles in the country, closed 2022 with 10% growth in bus sales. The positive growth was driven by Hyundai’s best-selling County and Universe. While Hyundai Modern PUV sales sustained momentum with more than 250 units released nationwide. HARI attributes growth in said segments to the country’s massive return to commuting and inter-regional travel.

For 2023, expectations are high with the recent entry of the Hyundai County New Breeze. Hyundai’s best-selling shuttle for corporate, tourism, and school services has undergone important upgrades, particularly in seating capacity and safety, and is primed for more comfortable journeys for passengers as well as drivers.

The company is also expecting to log impressive numbers for its HD45 GT, already a winner in the four-wheel segment for its impressive deck length of up to 18 feet and its exclusion from the Truck Ban, thus giving business owners optimal volume deliveries without any interruptions. 

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