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SEA OF JOY TO RIDE: A Closer Look at the MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR

Text and photos by IƱaki Jose

Having fun with this exotic Italian.

The MECCANICA VERGHERA AGUSTA (MV Agusta), was an Italian aviation company founded by Count Diovani Agusta back in 1923. After contributing to Italy's war efforts during World War II, MV Agusta was prohibited from making aircrafts that can be used as weapons resulting in the birth of the MV Agusta Motorcycle Manufacturing Company on February 14, 1945, headed by the count's four sons, Vincenzo, Mario and Corrado.

A 2013 Brutale 1090RR naked bike.
MV Agusta at Present

My test bike is a 2013 Brutale 1090RR naked bike, one of the last Italian conception that is 100% made in Italy. MV Agusta moved its plant to Malaysia in 2015 called MV Agusta Malaysia Plant in Banting, Selangor, Malaysia. 

MV Agusta 2013 Brutale 1090RR.

The Brutale 1090RR has a liquid cooled inline 4 cylinder 1078cc engine, with an output of 165 horse power at 11,900 RPM mated with a 6 speed constant mesh wet multi disc transmission, truly built with speed and precision in mind, thus a naked bike with the genes of a super bike. With the engine hanging from an ALS steel trellis frame which makes lighter and more nimble supported by Marzocchi & Sachs fully adjustable front and back Italian suspension. 

This is a he-man bike and not for the faint and weak at heart.

The MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR is an upfront bike, open and transparent. What you see is what you get. But make no mistake, this is a he-man bike and not for the faint and weak at heart. Its takes balls, huge balls, to tame this beast, it can be compared to the classic Lamborghini Countach, a straight up no nonsense Italian muscle where both the Countach and Brutale 1090RR engines scream Italian muscle which cannot be understated. I really love that deep low growl the 1090RR makes while cruising at low speed. 

Dynamic detail.

The torque and power is just sorprendente, incredibilimente fantastico. The delivery and response is instantaneous, probably the most responsive normally aspirated motorcycle engine that I have ever tried so when you open up or throttle up, do not expect the bike to be forgiving, its pure muscle demanding and commanding respect. 

Manageable in low-speed and traffic.

Riding the 1090RR in traffic was a breeze, mind you I ride a Super Bike (1000cc) on the mean streets of Metro Manila everyday and found the 1090RR so manageable on low speed, traffic, and the twisties of Antipolo. The handling and stability is excellent, a little on the hard side, but that I guess is what makes the bike so stable in conquering corners. The small turning radius is heaven sent during traffic. It makes it easier to negotiate the tight spaces between stopped vehicles. 

Equipped with a lot of power, yet in total control.

Overall, the 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR is a sea of joy to ride, its just ecstatic to have this power in between your legs with you in total control of it. Although I don't recommend this bike for newbies or beginners. This Italian exotic muscle is for advanced or experienced riders. 

 100% Italian made.

I would like to give thanks to my BFF, Jun Omar who loaned me this Italian exotic for a week. I had so much fun brother, thank you again. Incidentally I will be featuring Jun and his sons in my next article, all of then are avid big bike riders.

A joy to ride.

Curious now ? What are you waiting for ? Don't take my word for it and schedule a test ride with an MV Agusta dealer near you.

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