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By Inaki Jose

The author checking out the newly-delivered BMW C400X.

Believe it or not, the 2019 BMW C400 X is my first scooter review. I find small scooters hard to ride because my knees are hitting the front part of the scooter. When I turn I would have to get my knee out of the way of the handle bar so that I can complete the turn. Because of this I stayed away from small scooters. 

12.8 litre tank economy,  24 kms / liter

When I sat down on the C 400 X, everything was odd for me, being used to a standard motorcycle. I was looking for the gear shifter, the clutch and the foot brakes. The controls were also misplaced. There was also no gas tank for my thighs to grip on and it felt like I was sitting on a very comfortable office chair. Well, it turned out, that this was exactly how BMW wanted the C 400 X to be, pure comfort and mobility.

Urban styling for the urban rider.

I really did not know what to expect with this big scooter, but after a few meters on the scoot, everything felt where it should be. Presto! I was fully adjusted, and off we go. 

Although a 400cc, the BMW C 400 X was far from a threatening big scoot, and its also not a moped. It is a big scoot with lots of fun and comfort to ride, it will make commuting from point A to point B fun and comfortable specially in traffic. 

BMW suspension is designed with the pasenger in mind.

The 400cc 73 horse power automatic delivers a smooth acceleration giving emphasis on comfort first, rather than speed. True enough, BMW stood by this in every part designed. The suspension was firm, a little bit on the stiff side, but once a 2nd passenger rides, the scoot's suspension can be compared to european cars, which are known to have the smoothest and solid suspension in the 4 wheel industry. 

The BMW C 400 X introduced me to the scooter world, although I still have to update and get more data on different scooters, the C 400 X definitely got my interest. Just like a beginner scoot rider, why don't we go to RSA Motorrad and look for Ms. Cathy Arrogancia and find out more about the 2019 BMW C 400 X.

Sharing classic style photos of this big scoot taken at Escolta TamBike, Riders flock this nostalgic area of Manila from 7am to 11am, as the whole stretch of Escolta St. is bustling with a variety of coffee shops, that are lined with motorcycles.



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