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By Inaki Jose

The author in triumphant mode.

If I were to be a TRIUMPH Motorcycle, I would definitely be a Street Triple RS, hands down -- a polite Briton with a dark secret.

This is a Jason Bourne bike, an anti-conspiracy bike designed to survive, evade, resist and escape. It is a bike that you will see escaping the contagion released by Umbrella corporation.

Back to reality, well, it is a bike you will see on the street earning its pay, and also on the track during weekends. A work hard, play hard bike.

The Street Triple RS is all about a rider maximizing the potential of the bike. The handling will give you an uncomparable rush. It will give you an authentic extra confidence level, it will give you full control of the bike. Not once did I feel that the bike was challenging me. It felt like a well-trained dog that happily complied to every vocal command I gave.

The Street Triple RS is astoundingly smooth, regardless of RPM, and is ready to blast off from idle, spooling up with urgency anywhere above 4000 RPM. Once you hear the Triple scream, it makes a distinct and specific sound, like a screaming banshee in heat, unique and recognizable only to the Street Triple -- that's your signal that the Triple power will be unleashed. 

The Ohlins rear suspension makes the big difference.

Riders will take advantage of its newfound mid-range ability, working the faultless ride-by-wire throttle in that optimal spot between 6000 to 10000 rpm confidently. It has all the electronic bells and whistles ride modes including Rain, Road, Sport, Track, and a customizable Rider mode. 

The RS’s personality is noticeably altered, from a peace time operator in a tuxedo to one in full assault tactical gear, thanks to different throttle settings, as well as electronic intervention, ABS, Traction Control, Quick shifter (up only , the succeeding model will have up and down ). The 121.4 hp power is tamed and non threatening or more manageable as you roll the throttle, but make no mistake once power is demanded.  Oh, it will definitely be there in a split "Oh my God" second.

The suspension plays a major factor on the confidence level the Street Triple RS bestows on its rider, no matter what skill level you are at. I was confidently leaning the bike at 45 degrees or more at different speeds right or left, making U turns easily and zip through traffic without hesitation and with confidence. The front SHOWA and the Ohlins rear suspension makes the big difference -- firm, responsive and precise on every turn and lean, a secret behind the Street Triple's confident agility.

Good-looking mark of a Triumph.

I cannot call myself an expert rider, I don't even race. I'm just a guy who loves riding motorcycles and I ride a bike everyday. I guess you can call me an experienced rider. I could go on and on describing this amazing machine. But the most important factor that the TRIUMPH Street Triple RS gave me was that extra amount of riding confidence making me more safe riding in the streets.

Now don't take my word for it, go visit TRIUMPH Motorcycles at Ortigas Ave. Greenhills, San Juan City and look for Gilbert Sy Chan or Chris Catarroja for a test ride, these guys will be more than happy and will probably force you to test ride all the TRIUMPH models in the show room, all in one day.


Inaki Jose, Jolevs Domingo and Mel Lapid at Rizal Park.

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