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AC Motors’ Master Mechanics: Instant, expert advice at the palm of your hands, in the safety of your homes.

As far as we can remember, availing of aftersales services for our car was as easy, and routine as getting behind the wheel, driving the car to the casa or dealership, and meeting up with service technicians or sales agent. Then CoViD-19 happened, and the world needed to retreat into their homes. What were once routine trips out of the house are now fraught with health risks. 
The isolation, lockdowns, and work stoppages gave people and businesses time to re-assess and adapt to the new normal of living—and making a living—in the shadow of a deadly virus. For companies in the automotive industry, businesses needed to take a backseat in order to cater to customer and personnel safety.
For AC Motors, the automotive and motorcycle arm of AC Industrials, the industrial technology unit of Ayala Corporation, that delicate balance between maintaining sustainable business operations and providing quality products and aftersales services—all while assuring customer and personnel safety—has been achieved using an innovative solution employing digital technology.
AC Motors has just introduced its online aftersales consultation platform —the Master Mechanics.

The Master Mechanics, available online via e-mail, Facebook and mobile SMS, makes available to customers of the six AC Motors’ brands (Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen, KTM, Kia and Maxus) its pool of around 40 veteran aftersales managers and advisors who provide a customer-centric, one-stop aftersales consultation service appropriate to the current situation. This pool of managers and advisors—the best from the six brands with decades of experience with the automotive industry—are available to answer customers’ concerns and queries 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The Master Mechanics helpdesk online services cover the following general concerns: vehicle care (battery maintenance, proper vehicle storage, among others); do-it-yourself maintenance advisory; basic warranty policies; inquiries on car and motorcycle features; dealer information and services; accessories; product and brand-specific questions; and, guided basic checks.
Apart from preventing unnecessary trips to the dealerships of the six brands, the Master Mechanics platform also makes possible for customers who need to make the actual trips to the dealerships to make their face-to-face transactions faster and more efficient, as the Master Mechanics service would have arranged all the needed processes for the customer’s visit beforehand. The Master Mechanics advisors can also help facilitate between customers and emergency responders, such as towing services and hospitals, in the event of road accidents or vehicle breakdowns. Best of all, the Master Mechanics service is the motorists’ best tool to achieve a confident, worry-free driving, knowing that expert assistance is readily available at the palm of their hands. 
The Master Mechanics online aftersales consultation services are free of charge, and available to any vehicle owner of the six AC Motors’ brands. Customers may send their queries via e-mail (, SMS (0917-868-6557), or at the official Facebook page of AC Motors any day of the week, within 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The prompt response from Master Mechanics directly addresses the customer’s query.
The Master Mechanics online program is AC Motors’ response to keep in step with extraordinary times, and highlights its priority to protect the health and safety of its valued customers while at the same time keeping true to its commitment to provide quality products and aftersales services. With this program, AC Motors continues its 29-year reputation for adaptability and innovation across its six brands, and takes the Filipino motorist into the “better normal” of always-connected customer care and business operations. 
For more information about the Master Mechanics’ services, check out its AC Motors Facebook page @acmotorsgroup.

Posted by Arabelle Jimenez.




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