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JAC MOTORS PHILIPPINES’ newest cross-over / compact SUV, the JAC S4.

Triesenburg Auto Corp. (TAC), the official distributor of JAC Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles in the country, will be entering the very competitive cross-over/compact SUV segment with the all-new JAC S4. 

With the JAC S4, TAC does not want people to compromise anything just to meet their budget. The JAC S4 will give them all the specs they want and they won’t need to settle for a vehicle with lesser specs just because of their budget. 

With the pandemic and economic situation, TAC wants to give  consumers a vehicle that is budget friendly, but has all the technology and innovation they are looking for in a vehicle. Given the tough competition in this segment, TAC is confident that the vehicle will still stand out for two reasons: Specs and Pricing. 

Before bringing in the unit into the country, TAC took its time to compare the JAC S4 toe-to-toe with all the current vehicles in the segment and the overall package of S4 stood out. 
With this, TAC is launching it with the theme: JAC S4. DON’T COMPROMISE

SAFE. Provides the most safety features compared to the competition. It uses Volkswagen’s VDA quality system which to brings to it that German Quality.

SMART. The JAC S4 will elevate your driving experience by providing smart and innovative features that will change the way you look at cars.

STYLISH. Modern and European styling that will make heads turn.

SUPERIOR. Overall package. Combining its mechanical, aesthetics, and safety features creates a superior drive. The JAC S4 has everything that you are looking for without breaking the bank. Nothing is compromised.

The JAC S4 is going to be launched officially to the public through Facebook via TAC’s official page, JAC Motors Philippines (https://www.facebook.com/jacphilippines). The S4 launch is happening on July 5, 2020 at 6 PM through a Facebook LIVE Feed.

The online event is going to be graced by personalities from JAC Motors International namely, Davide Zhang (General Manager), Kong DeXing (Head of JAC Overseas Automobile Research Institute), and Brian Li (Head of JAC Design Center). Davide Zhang will talk about JAC Motors International as a company and its future plans. Kong DeXing will elaborate on the technology behind the JAC S4. While Brian Li, will discuss the design inspiration and how the JAC S4 was conceptualized.

From the TAC side, Dan Rudolph Navarro, Group General Manager, will handle the product reveal and the JAC S4’s overall promise. He will share the character of the vehicle and why every Filipino should consider it against other compact SUVs in the segment. Brian Badilla, Marketing and Sales Director will elaborate on the technology and innovation behind the vehicle. He will also show how the JAC S4 compares to the competition, which should give everyone enough reason to buy one.

The JAC S4 will be available in 4 different variants namely:

> LUXURY with a 6-Speed Manual Transmission (Base Model), Luxury with CVT (Base Model)

> Intelligent with CVT (Middle Variant)

> Ultimate with CVT (Top of the line)

Pricing starts as low as P878,000 and the top of the line model at P1,098,000 only. Comparing it to the competition, this pricing is one of the main advantages of the JAC S4 as it is very competitive.

The JAC S4 sports a 1.5L Turbo-charged engine with i-VVT Technology adopts a low inertia supercharger to realize improved power performance and a quick response. It’s powered by 147 horses and has a maximum torque of 210 NM. This allows the vehicle to adapt to different driving needs and ensures the right power output on different road conditions. 

Given that fuel efficiency is also a main concern of the market, the JAC S4 will be available in a 6 -Speed Manual and Continuously Variable Transmission. The MT version has an extra 6th gear so as not to force the engine, while the ever reliable CVT helps fuel efficiency.

TAC ensures that JAC establishes itself as a superior option in its product segment by not compromising the vehicles being offered to its customers. JAC vehicles remain affordable but very much desirable given the high technology features and innovation on the vehicles.

The JAC S4 is an uncompromised driving experience because it is a car with SMART functionalities. It will keep passengers SAFE with its high-tech features. It has a modern, and STYLISH design that stands the test of time, making the JAC S4 a SUPERIOR ride.

The SMART features of the JAC S4 work together to provide a great driving experience. It starts with the Intuitive Touch Control Panel on the dashboard that eliminates the buttons and knobs for the AC control and other functions of the vehicle. The 10.25” Multi-Media touchscreen on top of the dashboard is linkable to any smart phone. 

The multi-media touchscreen also controls the different smart features of the vehicle such as cornering lamps, vehicle positioning lighting, and so many more. 

The JAC S4 also got rid of the usual cluster gauges for the tachometer and speedometer and placed an interactive 10.25” LED Instrument Panel. This smart feature is animated and provides three different views. It also has a Smart Entry and Push Start System for
that added convenience. The electric tailgate will be a heaven-sent for everyone especially when carrying heavy loads as it can be operated through the remote key or through its sensor under the bumper. Consumers will still discover more smart functionalities when they check out the vehicle itself.

Aside from being SMART, the JAC S4 is also committed to keeping its passengers SAFE.

Comparing it to the vehicles in the segment, the JAC S4 has an uncompromised combination of high-technology safety features. The JAC S4 uses Volkswagen’s VDA quality system giving it that trusted German Quality. Its body is rugged titanium that can withstand pressures of up to 4 times its own body weight. Aside from front dual airbags, the JAC S4 also has front side airbags, and side
curtains on. The Front Collision Warning provides you that added security and safety on the road.

Aside from the usual ABS and EBD functions, JAC has provided more safety features with the Blind Spot Monitoring, Electronic Stability Control, Hill-Start Assist, Brake Override System, Lane Departure Warning, and so many more.

The JAC S4 does not only provide Smart and Safety features, it is also a STYLISH vehicle. The JAC S4 was designed to be young, dynamic, versatile and free. The teams from the R&D center in Turin, Italy and Tokyo, Japan, jointly carried out the styling, effect, and color material design work. 

Through repeated refinement, the shape was finalized. The S4 model adopts a new design language of sharp and keen. The front face uses an individualized splendid wing grille, and the body uses a lot of angular and straight-line designs. The design elements such as the double-waist line that looks like the bow at full draw, the sharp-eyed headlights that inherit the oriental charm, the trendy ridge-type LED taillights, the tail line that is gradually widened from top to bottom, the two-color sports wheel hubs, suspended roof and shark fin window line make this car keen, recognizable and eye-catching. It is matched with a simple, novel and fashionable interior design.

TAC sees the JAC S4 as a SUPERIOR and competitive option in the compact SUV segment. From mechanical, to aesthetics, to safety and high-technology innovation. TAC validated it further by comparing the JAC S4 to the all brands toe-to-toe and per line item on the specs sheet. The JAC S4 has everything a consumer is looking for without breaking the bank. It will change the way you look at cars




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