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By Monch Henares

Arriving safely at Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa with the 2020 Kia Sportage GT Line.

When the Motourismo team acceded to the age-old “Tayo na sa Antipolo” invitation, little did we know that we will be smitten by its charm and return just a few weeks later. From the rough road barangays on a 4 x 4 truck, the second time around would be on a well-loved nature-themed in this mountain resort on board a sleek SUV cut out for uphill drives—the Kia Sportage 2020.

Sprawling grounds of Luljetta's

Admiring the view.

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa is a sought-after destination that offers more than the usual inland resort experience and arguably the best of its kind in the locality. This tropical-themed middle-end getaway is part of the bigger 8-hectare recreational complex, the largest in Antipolo City.

Greek-themed al-fresco balcony.

A touch of different cultures in the game room.

Bali-inspired lounge.

Built on a cliff using Cordillera architectural principles, it combines an assortment of Filipino, Balinese, Oriental and Greek elements, not to mention the ancient Babylonian “hanging gardens” technology. With its assortment of designs and inspirations, it is a visual and cultural journey, on top of being an irresistible eye candy that goes well with the sporty Sportage.

Hanging Gardens technology and style goes well with the Kia Sportage.

With 30 cozy rooms, Luljetta’sis most ideal for a family staycation with its intimate ambiance, and basic but functional amenities that do not attempt to eclipse the beauty of the natural environment. One of its restaurants boasts of an Instagrammable view of the metropolitan skyline and the Laguna Lake which are simply spectacular at sunset.
Thai-inspired infinity pool overlooking Laguna Lake.

View from the pool bar.

Ionized hydro pool.

Mykonos-themed new wing.

One of the first accommodation facilities to be given the permit to operate by the Department of Tourism with the easing of quarantine restrictions, it strictly implements the government prescribed *health protocols for everyone’s safe relaxation. "As we continue to adjust to the new normal, we care about the health and safety of our guests and staff," reveals Ramon Marinas of Bienvenido Tours, owner, and operator of Luljetta's Hanging Gardens, Loreland, and Camp Tipolo.

Dr. Fish Foot Spa area.

Dr. Fish Spa no. 2

Steps to more nooks to discover.

Outdoor game-room.

Perfect to chill with friends.

A low-density lodging with plenty of open spaces, greeneries, terraces and verandas, and quiet nooks, it is a safe refuge with or without a pandemic. Add to it the mouth-watering dishes with organically-grown ingredients and the rejuvenating spa treatment, it is a complete healthy hideaway for family and friends.

Nice hang out by the cliff.

Lounge for day-trippers.

A couple of outdoor jacuzzis.

Our favorite spot.

We did not want to leave the ionized pool with jacuzzi and hydro massage.

Whirlpool and dry sauna on the left.

Dip on the 6 compact infinity pools overlooking the cliffs and canopied by trees, which give you moments of serenity that will make you forget you’re just outside the doorsteps of the big city. The area also has a massage room, sauna and steambath, nipa hut lounges, a jacuzzi pool, an ionized pool with bubble bath, and a hydromassage which will leave your muscles refreshed. A must-try is the fish spa that nibbles dead skin cells on your feet to aid in its regeneration.

You can also be transported to the Mediterranean port city of Mykonos at the resort's Greek-inspired upscale wing with its own private pool and recreational areas.

The sprawling property’s other half is the Loreland Farm Resort which boasts of 6 bigger swimming pools and 41 rooms, mostly for a group excursion.

About a hundred feet below is CampTipolo Adventureland, the resort’s forested and farm portion which is a team-building facility and ropes course resembling military training grade. It also has an authentic ulog Cordillera tribal hut and a small ricefield whose harvest is consumed domestically. 

Enjoy the hike to Camp Tipolo.

Outdoor massage, glamping style.

Lest we forget, the area is a favorite for camps, pictorials, garden, and indoor weddings, intimate gatherings, and business meetings away from the corporate jungle.

Before driving home and negotiating the meandering roads onboard the Kia Sportage, swing by the iconic HinulugangTaktak Falls which the City recently jazzed up with adventure facilities and the historic Antipolo Cathedral or the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. And of course, don’t forget to the grab kasuy and suman for the obligatory pasalubong at the roadside stalls. 

With farm, forest, and a fab car, family fun is just an hour away. It’s an enticing cycle which urbanites can repeat over and over, to rediscover this next-door paradise and reconnect with Mother Nature.

With Ramon Marinas, Arabelle Jimenez, and yours truly.

*COVID-19 Guidelines:

Luljetta's Place Hanging Gardens and Spa and Garden Suites have enacted elevated precautionary operational in accordance with the New Normal Health and Safety Guidelines set by the Department of Tourism, Department of Health, and LGU.

1. Persons 14 years and below, seniors 66 years above, with immunodeficiency, comorbidities, or pregnant woman will be not be allowed.

2. All guests must accomplish a health declaration form online.

3. Foreign and local guests with travel history, who previously had contact with positive cases or who tested positive to Covid-19 will be asked to present valid documents such as passports, quarantine certificate, and health certificate.

4. Online payment is encouraged upon booking.

5. Mandatory temperature check using a thermal scanner for all guests is strictly implemented. Those with fever and flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to enter and will be referred to the nearest hospital.

6. Curfew hours (8PM-5AM) remain in effect while the city is still in Modified General Community Quarantine.

7. Observe safety and precautionary measures by wearing a face mask, proper hand washing or hand sanitizing, 2-meter distancing at all times.

8. Mingling with other occupants is not encouraged.

9. Proper disposal of used PPE is advised (face mask, face shield, etc.)

As we embrace #newnorm, we invite you to experience the #NewLuljettas - safe, secure, and sanitized!


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