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Sunday, December 6, 2020

GEARS & TECH: Generation 2 ComTect Cooling Battle Jacket limited issue | Motourismo

By Inaki Jose

ComTect is proudly Filipino.

The first Comfort and Technology or COMTECT jacket came out in 2018. It was designed by daily rider Boyet Espino, creating a protective jacket designed by a daily rider for the daily rider. COMTECT's primary function is to alleviate the heat that daily riders are subjected to. These are from daily work commuters, delivery professionals, motorcycle taxis and traffic law enforcement agencies. 

The concept is very simple, fresh air in and stale air out. This guarantees constant air circulation on the body and arms forced by two fans in front for the intake, and another fan located at the spine protector for the exhaust. The fans are powered by your common cell phone power bank. 

ComTect jackets guarantee constant air circulation.

I tested the Generation I  extensively and it really helped a lot during 20 to 30 kmh crawls to full stop that is typical in Metro Manila traffic. It even works better when you wear a mesh or dri-fit shirt inside. I also tested the COMTECT jacket on very wet rides or bagyo ride, the electronics, being direct current or DC, powers the fans with very low voltage, 5 volts and 1.5 amps. Your typical powerbank carries more than enough. In fact, during these super wet test rides, the compartment where the electronics are situated never really accumulated water. With the very low voltage, it is impossible for the rider to be electrocuted. Your standard 10,000 mh powerbank is good enough for a day's ride, and I don't even switch it off because I never take my jacket off, even during stops, specially when I enter air-conditioned rooms. It's like having a/c inside your jacket.

ComTect Gen 1

My test jacket was a Generation II limited battle edition jacket. The Generation II is electronically the same as the Generation I, but this time, the power bank location was moved from the right side to the right breast pocket making it easier to replace or switch the power on and off. The main difference between the Gen I and Gen II is the material, design and fit. The Gen II was much lighter, and more breathable. It is very much like the expensive branded riding jackets out in the market.

Snug fit on padded areas for guaranteed protection.

With COMTECT's reasonable prices starting at  P8,500 from small to 2XL and P8,900 from 3XL to 6XL for the standard edition and plus P400 for the limited battle edition, how can you go wrong ? You get full protection plus comfort that only COMTECT can give while doing what you love the most which is riding. Remember, always dress for the slide and not the ride.

Extra zip ventilation.

Look for this badge.

The secret behind the gear.

Thank you COMTECT family and Boyet Espino for always making sure that I am protected and cool. So what are you waiting for? Visit  www.comtect-acs.com or COMTECT Facebook page for inquiries.


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