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By Inaki Jose

Jeffrey Chan a.k.a. Papajep holding a KYT TT-Course .

When you hear the name Jeffrey Chan in the motorcycle industry, it is synonymous to Papajep Helmet and Accessories that offers products like KYT, NHK, ZEBRA, Motul, YSS, SHAD, SSS and FDR. These brands are all about safety. 

From humble beginnings as a motorcycle racer, Jeffrey built Papajep from ground up through hard work, cultivating relationships with his patrons and principals with safety in mind and that is what Papajep is all about, promoting safe and responsible riding. I asked Jeffrey for advise he can give to new riders;

"Invest on your body's protection, Invest in a riding school, invest in riding gears, invest on the preventive maintenance of your motorcycle, be courteous and respectful to your fellow riders and always share the road, it is very important to have road and ride discipline," reveals Jeffrey. 

FDR tires.

SHAD top boxes.

Although Papajep's product line includes Motul engine lubricants and cleaners, SHAD top boxes, YSS suspensions, SSS Sprockets, FDR tires and of course helmets of 3 different brands namely KYT, ZEBRA and NHK. 

NHK Helmets.

YSS Suspensions for a safer ride.

His best seller which I'm not at all surprised by, is the KYT Helmets. When patrons want a KYT helmet, they go to Papajep. Some of them line up at 6am just to make sure that they will be there when the latest KYT designs arrive. Because of the store's very reasonably priced KYT, and Jefffrey has dibs on the new designs as the number one dealer of KYT Helmet. 

KYT the number one selling helmet in the Philippines.

KYT Helmet is very popular due to its race inspired design, their composite helmets are so light and can be compared to the weight of other full carbon helmet brands. Also, KYT is now a mainstay of the MotoGP series, from Moto3, Moto2 all the way to MotoGP. 

Our local motorcycle racing rockstars such as BJ Ang (both on Super Bike and Jetski races), Jacq Buncio, Marvin Mangulabnan, Jericho Arnaiz, Lawrence Macalinao, Dashi Watanabe and many more choose KYT. Being built with high quality and high protection materials while being reasonably priced (P14,000 to P3,000) contributed to KYT's popularity, and yes, KYT helmets look good.

Papajep's fastest selling KYT's are priced from a reasonable P3,000 to P7,000 and with that price, customers can afford to own a piece of MotoGP.

KYT is one of the largest, if not, the largest helmet community in the Philippines, this is because KYT Philippines, through Papajep and other dealers treat their customers as family and more often that not, KYT Philippines is always there to support the community events and rides that's why the KYT community just keeps on growing as we speak. 

Checking out a KYT TT- Course. 

I cant wait to get my hands on a KYT Helmet and tell you whats with this helmet that is captivating both the big and small bike riders, but that, ladies and gents, is for another article.

I hope to see you at Papajep Helmet and Accessories located at 363 Rizal Ave ext. Caloocan City.


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