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Have you noticed a disturbing trend happening on our roads lately?  Almost every day, we hear and see news about horrible road accidents with victims often ending up in the hospital. Or even worse.

According to the MMDA, vehicular accidents in Metro Manila alone almost doubled from 63,072 incidents in 2007 to 116,906 in 2018. That would mean around 300 accidents happening around the country every day. Road crash statistics in Metro Manila from January to August 2020 reflect at least 31,811 accidents, resulting in 136 deaths, 6,614 injured, and 25,061 cases of damaged property. 

Mechanical failure is a leading cause of accidents. But did you know that such problems can be prevented early on? Worn-out or under-inflated tires, worn-out brakes, suspension and steering issues, headlight/tail light malfunction, engine and transmission problems, and faulty windshield wipers can be spotted and fixed if you keep to a regular maintenance schedule.

What should every responsible car owner look out for? Just remember BLOWBAGET:

  • Battery. Make sure the connection is secure.
  • Lights. Are the headlights, tail brake lights, and signal lights properly working?
  • Oil. Check engine oil levels to see if it’s time for an oil change.
  • Water. Check the water level in your radiator.
  • Brakes. Be mindful of weak braking or brake failures. Also, check your brake fluid level.
  • Air. Do the tires have the right air pressure?
  • Gas. Do you have enough gas to get you through the day’s appointments?
  • Engine. Be mindful of slow response, unusual engine sounds and visible leaks.
  • Tires. Check the tire treads. Look out for possible punctures.

Lastly, your vehicle should also undergo routine professional tune-ups or Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) to detect and prevent problems before they get any worse.

Hyundai is out to make it easier for you this June, Hyundai’s Car Wellness Month. 

Keep your car at peak performance and help keep our roads safe.  

Whether your Hyundai is under warranty or not, you can avail of the following:

FREE 21-point Checkup to assess the overall status of your car

20% off on genuine Hyundai PMS parts and PMS labor services

FREE car wash to bring back the shine of your beloved Hyundai

For an added touch, we sanitize Identified High-Touch Points (IHTP), like the door handles, steering wheels, center consoles, seats and seatbelts, and gear levels.  

Cap the cleaning spree with our anti-bacterial fumigation cleaning service using BACTAKLEEN at 50% off. This non-toxic, pleasantly scented, all-organic product kills 99.9% of the bacteria in the entire vehicle and refreshes and eliminates odor from the air-conditioning system. The anti-bacterial effect lasts 3-6 months.  

Regular TLC keeps your Hyundai roadworthy without hurting your pockets.  This promo is now available nationwide. Book an appointment with your preferred dealership through the Hyundai CARES contact center at  (0917) 877-4977, online via @YourService at, or at HyundaiPH on Facebook. 

Hyundai’s Car Wellness promo is also open to those availing PMS through the Hyundai D2D Pick-Up & Delivery and D2D Home service.

The Hyundai Car Wellness Promo runs from June 1 to 30, 2021. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit Number FTEB-119930 Series of 2021.

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