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Lavida owner, Mon Buela.

What’s in a name? A name may reveal more than just a unique designation. Oftentimes, it also reveals a path for the future. Mon Buela, a sales and marketing manager in a financial firm, may not have realized it at the time, but when he purchased a Volkswagen Lavida, he may have also subtly declared his lifetime goals.


Mon, who has been quite the achiever in his chosen profession, has been living it up for some time as a single executive. His Lavida, no doubt, has proven to be the elegantly capable lifestyle partner, which he attests the “performance, space, and boldness” has allowed him to “reach new heights”, even to the extent of calling it as the “perfect daily driver” for people like him who want to move and do more.

But there’s obviously so much more to the Lavida than just its name, and those are what drew Mon in. 

Volkswagen Lavida on the cobble-stoned streets of Intramuros, Manila.

He explained, “I knew Volkswagen produces top-notch cars worldwide, wherever they may have been manufactured. I also wanted a vehicle that isn’t costly to own. I got enticed by the once-a-year PMS visit, which costs half as much as the annual PMS in other brands. Moreover, I knew that Volkswagen cars are fuel-efficient."


Adding more to this, Mon said “When I was in the market for a new car, I wasn’t simply looking for what it could offer. Yes, the Lavida has a fast engine, elegant interior, intuitive infotainment, and a head-turning exterior—characteristics that would lure bachelors like me. But I was already planning on starting a family, and I found this as my ideal starter family car. A high safety rating and ISOFIX child seat anchors made it fit in my plans. In addition, while most people would prefer SUVs at this price point, I don’t think those SUVs could match the experience and drive that the Lavida could offer.” 

Mon has made it clear that he plans to settle down and start his own family, and nurture a blooming business.  “The Lavida is one of my first steps in steering my life goals to the next direction,” Mon stressed. At this stage in his life, Mon is aiming for a much bigger personal best—one that would certainly involve nurturing a new family. His Lavida is there to make sure that journey reaches fruition, and the Volkswagen badge is there to assure him that the brand promise is kept. As he has mentioned, “Owning a Volkswagen is having a good and equipped car that will usher me into the following stages of my life. Volkswagen cars certainly have all the bells and whistles at an acceptable price range, particularly with the robust build and low cost of ownership.”

Satisfied Lavida owner.

So when Mon put the Lavida through its paces, he knew then and there he made the right purchase decision. “Saying the Lavida is merely comfortable would be an understatement. The sturdy vehicle brought more than just comfort on the road. It allowed me to have peace of mind because of the safety features. Also, I can’t believe how fuel-efficient the Lavida has been. During my first weeks of owning it, I was trying to beat every personal efficiency record. My personal best so far has been 26.3km per liter.” 

Oh, and in case Mon’s future wife would harbor any doubts on his loyalty and fidelity, this statement should be a most promising sign: “I don’t see myself changing my brand in the future.”

Volkswagen Lavida

Steer new life into your own motoring lifestyle, and discover how a German-precision car like the Volkswagen Lavida can set your future to brighter, more exciting directions. Book an appointment with any Volkswagen dealership to test drive the Lavida: Volkswagen BGC at (02) 8558-5888; Volkswagen Quezon Avenue at (02) 8558-5818; Volkswagen Pampanga at (45) 961-1895; Volkswagen Santa Rosa at (0935) 427-8545; Volkswagen Cebu at (32) 517-8226; Volkswagen Iloilo at (33) 331-2622; Volkswagen Bacolod at (034) 435-7575; and Volkswagen Cagayan de Oro at (088) 851-7960. Log on to and follow Volkswagen Philippines’ Facebook page and Instagram account at @volkswagenph to check out detailed specifications about the Lavida and other Volkswagen vehicles.




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