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BiyaHenyo para sa Matagumpay na Negosyo. Present during the MOU signing with transport cooperative representatives at HTB-Commonwealth from left, HARI President & CEO Ms. Fe Agudo, Prince  Motor Corporation Chairman Amando S. San Juan, and Prince Motor Corporation President Atty.  Anna Lyne P. San Juan-Ponferrada.

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) recently kicked off its nationwide BiyaHenyo Caravan showcasing the Hyundai HD48 GT Modern PUV in key cities of Luzon and Metro  Manila. 

Hyundai HD48 GT Modern PUV  displayed at Hyundai Trucks & Buses-Commonwealth dealership.

The first leg of the dealership-based roadshow started at Hyundai Trucks & Buses – Batangas City, followed by Hyundai Trucks & Buses – Cabanatuan City, Hyundai Trucks &  Buses – Commonwealth, and Hyundai Trucks & Buses – Baguio. Around 40 transport  groups graced the roadshows and HARI anticipates more to participate in the next  BiyaHenyo activities in other parts of the country.


The BiyaHenyo Caravan aims to provide transport ‘smartrepreneurs’ across the country  updates and tips on how to spot opportunities, boost productivity and, ultimately, be  successful and profitable industry players. 

Representatives from various local  transport groups attended the Hyundai BiyaHenyo Caravan event at HTB-Commonwealth.

Customers were likewise given a first-hand experience of the key features and  advantages of the HD48 GT Modern PUV while still observing health guidelines and  protocols in the participating dealerships. 

Representatives of local transport cooperatives check out the Hyundai HD48 GT Modern PUV during series of Hyundai BiyaHenyo Caravan at the dealerships.

“Hyundai BiyaHenyo is our homage to the unsung heroes of the road," said HARI  President and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo. "From past to present, the jeepney has been  the backbone of urban and rural mobility. That is why we usher in the New Year warmly  welcoming our partners from this very important sector. And not only welcoming them,  but making true to our commitment to help them bounce back with the rest of the nation  with new knowledge and the best tool to do so—the Hyundai Modern PUV,” she added. 

Hyundai welcomes the transport ‘smartrepreneurs’. 

Introduced last October 2021, the HD48 GT Modern PUV ramps up the success of the  HD50S as a comfortable, high-performing, and safe shuttle, ideal for public transport use. 

It is built on Hyundai’s top-quality chassis system and complemented with a robust PUV  design to revolutionize the Filipino public transportation experience. 

Hyundai Trucks  and Buses Philippines President & CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo welcomed the guests.

HARI has been instrumental in pushing for the national agenda on PUV Modernization,  having introduced a full lineup of Modern PUVs in compliance with the Philippine National  Standards (PNS) of the Department of Transportation (DOTr). 

Since 2020, HARI has sold over 200 units of its Modern PUVs to various local transport  cooperatives nationwide, indicating the public’s strong preference for the brand as well  as the country’s continuous strides toward advancing mass mobility. 

Check out the schedules of the next Hyundai BiyaHenyo Caravan featuring the HD48 GT  Modern PUV at, or through our official Facebook page at

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