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By: Monch Henares and Arabelle Jimenez

The New Changan CS-35 Plus Hype arrives at EMV Villa in Indang, Cavite.

Taking us safely on this 2-hour outdoor adventure using unfamiliar and very wet roads is the 2022 Changan CS-35 Plus Hype sub-compact crossover. This was the best time to put Changan's SafeTech to the test with its suite of above-class safety assist features that are rare to find in vehicles of its segment. For this trip, we decided to check out the EMV Flower Farm located in the municipality of Indang, Cavite.

The dash with a suite of modern features.

The New Changan CS-35 Plus Hype: Our ride that breathes safety

We started our rainy journey by hopping onto the Southern Luzon Expressway (SLEX) heading south. I turned on the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop & Go Function. This allows you to lock in your desired speed (30-150km/h). In my case, it was 80km/h. It would automatically slow down and adjust its speed once the built-in radar in the front grille (under the bumper) detects an approaching vehicle upfront. It would also safely stop (at a safe programmed distance) and go as soon as the traffic ahead starts to move. I didn't have to press on the brakes.  This could be a great stress reliever on metro traffic.

The profile

Eye-catching rear

With the ACC off, the hard rain also made it difficult to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Well, by activating the CS35 Plus’ Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system, it assured me of additional safety with its radar sensing. It is designed to assist you in braking to avoid any probable accident. Once activated, the AEB works together with the Front Collision Warning (FCW) system which displays a visual warning on the digital instrument panel and sets off an alarm to alert you to hit the brakes when it senses danger of rear-end collision with the vehicle in front.

Spacious cabin with moon roof

10-inch touch-screen infotainment

Best view of nature

While traveling through the winding roads of Indang, the CS-35 Plus felt surefooted. It handled the bends with ease and precision. Braking on the wet and sometimes uneven road surface was remarkable. The car kept its composure even with my sudden heavy application of the brakes. The CS-35's Electronic Stability Program (ESP) detects skidding and automatically applies the brakes to individual wheels to counter the loss of directional control and help maintain vehicle stability.

Wide legroom

Sleek window controls

Backseat cup-holders

Excellent visibility for us and of the other motorist sharing the road is likewise crucial. The CS35 Plus’ Split LED Headlamp Design with Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and Whale Tail Design LED Tail Lamps aren’t there just to make a strong fashion statement; they prevent a collision by providing better visibility on the road under a heavy downpour. In addition, the Headlamp Height Adjuster allows you to angle your lights in the best position for you to see better through the rain. The Emergency Brake Lights blink and flash rapidly when the vehicle detects abrupt braking, alerting the vehicle behind of your sudden stop. 

Grab handles for all passengers

Two-toned leather seats

The spacious and functional rear cargo compartment

Driving to the EMV Villas was uneventful, thanks to the safety features of the CS-35 Plus. 

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a narrow gravel road, a flock of huge ducks crossing, a grazing horse, flowering plants, and muddy patches of grass. I definitely needed a 360-deg view around the car to get through this obstacle safely. 

This was a perfect opportunity to try out the Around View Camera & Monitor feature which is powered by four high-definition cameras that project clear front, side, and rear images onto the large 10-inch touchscreen display, thus lessening the probability of bumping into nearby obstructions while parking or maneuvering in tight spaces. I even had a choice of which camera to activate at a given time. 

Strong face with a powerful grille design

Complementing this feature is the HD Driving Recorder, a built-in dash cam that automatically records all the sides captured by the Around View cams before and after potential accidents occur. Videos are saved on the Micro SD card inside the module above the brake pedal and can be quickly viewed on the 10” Touch Screen.

Ducks roam freely at the EMV Villa's lawn

Providing further protection in the event of a collision are six airbags. They are strategically placed in front of the driver and front passenger, and side air curtains at the front and rear. They are deployed to help lessen injury to occupants upon impact.


Nestled in the heart of Indang Cavite is the EMV Flower Farm where you will also find cozy accommodations at the EMV Villa.

Swimming pool for the exclusive use of EMV Villa guests

Charming, laid-back, and relaxing, the EMV Villa is a good place for a quick staycation just outside of Metro Manila. Located in the municipality of Indang, Cavite, this EMV Flower Farm, and EMV Villa is a sprawling 3.5-hectare property and is a popular venue for weddings and other events. This is a piece of heaven where one can feel the freshness of nature and spend memorable leisurely stays with loved ones.

Cozy huts adorning the garden

Instagrammable views everywhere

Love seats at the EMV Flower Farm


EMV Villa has four villas located across a vast lawn of greenery and the flower farm itself. Each villa has a loft and can accommodate up to four persons with two queen-sized beds.

The four villas facing the garden

This ensuite villa is equipped with an aircon, a kitchenette with a small refrigerator, a vanity desk, a television,  and a pantry. The drinking water dispenser is convenient to have inside the room. The backdoor terrace has a view of the lush Indang forest where one can take in the senses of nature.

Room reveal

Steps to the loft

TV lounge corner

There are two swimming pools on the property. The first pool is located at the EMV Flower Farm which day-trippers can use. The second pool is located within the EMV Villa, which is for the exclusive use of overnight guests.

Swimming pool for day-trip guests


Bianca's Cafe is a charming coffee corner in the lobby where guests can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dining areas are spread outdoors which commands a view of the flower farm and the pool.


Clubhouse sandwich

Beef Kaldereta and Shrimp Sinigang


Everyone deserves a break from the city, and this place is the perfect spot to unwind. This hidden gem in Indang, Cavite is a must-visit. It is more enjoyable to stay for a night or two and indulge yourself in nature and its beauty.

Private back terrace

The loft

Main bedroom

The loft overlooking the lush forest

A warm welcome

The veranda of each villa

Photos by: Monch Henares

For rates and to book a room: 

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Address: Sitio Portugal, Indang, Cavite

Telephone: +63 916 203 6376


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