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The next-generation Ford Everest

As soon as it was launched in July, the next-generation Ford Everest made its presence felt right away in the mid-size SUV category. With a bold new exterior design and plush, spacious interiors packed with innovative technology, it’s a complete driving package that’s ready for any adventure. 

To showcase the uncompromising capability, safety, and comfort of the next generation Ford Everest, Ford Philippines held the Next-Generation Ford Drive Experience and invited members of the motoring media to take the driver’s seat of Ford’s latest SUV. With a driving itinerary that took participants from Clark Freeport Zone to San Marcelino, Zambales and back, participants got to fully experience the kind of adventures the next-generation Ford Everest can unlock.

The next-gen Ford Everest with the Lake Mapanuepe as backdrop.

A Deep Dive on the Rugged Yet Refined SUV 

Participants were treated with the chance to drive and ride the different variants across the next-gen Everest lineup. 

With a long route from Clark Freeport Zone to Subic Freeport Zone to Lake Mapanuepe in Zambales and back, drivers conquered a variety of terrain –allowing them to fully immerse with the next-gen Everest and its various drive modes, features, and driver-assist technologies. 

The Everest convoy traversing various terrain in Zambales.

New Active Park Assist 2.0: The next-gen Everest makes parking easy even in tight parallel or reverse perpendicular spots. With a press of the button, the system can help steer the car into position with ease. Participants got to try it and see for themselves just how helpful this tech feature is. 

New Reverse Brake Assist: With this smart feature, driver attendees backed up with ease and saw how it can detect obstructions from behind and provide an audible alert. In a real-life situation, this can be a vehicle crossing, a pedestrian or cyclist. The next-gen Everest can come to a complete stop if the driver doesn’t react in time.

Normal Mode: Attendees got to take control driving on-road along the scenic route from Clark Freeport Zone through Zambales by selecting 2H with Normal mode designed for everyday driving. The new adaptive cruise control with stop and go and lane centering also came in handy, detecting lane markings and helping keep the vehicle centered in its lane while on the road. This feature helps the drivers maintain a safe following distance and stay within the speed limit, especially on highways and busy high-speed roads like Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), which was part of the drive event’s route. 

Eco Mode: With fuel economy an important purchase consideration for vehicles these days, media attendees experienced selecting Eco mode in 2H to maximize gas consumption. This mode continually assesses the effects of driving behavior to optimize power and transmission as well as cruise control tuning.

Arabelle Jimenez experiencing the easy handling of the Everest off-road.

Mud/Ruts Mode: From the smooth highways, drivers got to experience just how capable the next-gen Everest is when it comes to off-road terrains. Through a muddy lahar trail on the way to Camp Ford, participants got to know how the SUV drives in such conditions using the Mud/Ruts mode. 

Water Wading Capability:  With enhanced visibility provided by its 360˚ camera as well as its 800 mm water-wading capability, drivers got to see how the next-gen Everest will fare in muddy waters through a couple of water crossings on the off-road route. This mimicked flooded roads that SUVs often traverse during certain parts of the year and the next-gen Everest did that with ease. 

Spacious cargo

Versatile Cargo Management: What makes a campsite more fun? Group games of course! Participants were made to play “Cargo Tetris,” where they had to fit objects of all shapes and sizes securely inside a next-gen Everest and watch an instructor drive around to see just how secure the items are. It highlighted the possibilities inside the spacious Everest–from hauling cargo to creating space where children can play. 

The 18-inch infotainment system of the Next-Gen Everest.

“The next-generation Ford Drive Experience was designed for participants to get up-close and personal with the next-gen Ford Everest and make them truly appreciate its features. With its bold and rugged look, spacious and comfortable interiors, and purposeful technology, the next-gen Everest is truly meant for families who are looking for a safe and reliable SUV for their adventures,” said Mike Breen, managing director, Ford Philippines. 

Mike Breen, Managing Director of Ford Philippines with Jacquelyn Ramirez and Monch Henares.

The next-gen Everest comes with a 5-year warranty for an enhanced ownership experience. The longer warranty offering will cover the next-gen Everest for up to 5 years or total mileage of up to 150,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. 


Photos by Arabelle Jimenez

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