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Next Gen Ford Ranger Wildtrak overlanding at Camp Ford. 

During the successful launch of the next-generation Ford Ranger in the country last July, Ford Philippines showcased why it is the smartest, most versatile, and most capable Ranger ever with an experiential driving course that highlighted its new features and enhanced capabilities.

Ford Philippines took the experiential test drive to the next level with a hands-on driving experience for the next-gen Ranger, proving that it is an all-around pick-up truck that can take various driving conditions in the city and the countryside. Kicking off from Clark Freeport Zone, the media convoy took on the smooth highways of North Luzon Expressway and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) on the way to San Marcelino, Zambales, where they were met with an off-road trail tested the durability and capability of the next-gen Ford Ranger.

Monch Henares drives comfortably through paved roads of Subic, Zambales.

At the end of the rough terrain was Camp Ford, a campsite pitched in a picturesque area lined with pine trees and lush greenery along Lake Mapanuepe. The camp also featured a display that showcased the practical capabilities of the pick-up truck. 

Through the Rough and Tumble: The Next-Gen Ranger Experience


Media attendees got a taste of driving the next-gen Ranger through a variety of terrain across the road trip that covered close to 500 kilometers. Along the way, they also got to test its latest safety and connectivity features. 

Throughout the trip, participants got to experience the various capabilities of the next-gen Ford Ranger: 

Parking Exercises: Drivers got to see for themselves the latest in Ford’s wide array of safety technologies including Active Park Assist 2.0 that works especially well for parallel parking scenarios, as well as the Reverse Brake Assist and Pre-Collision Assist that both come in handy in emergency situations. 

Uphill and Downhill Spots: One of the key stations is a hill section that showcases the next-gen Ranger’s improved suspension and required the participants to select 4-High to get to ascend the slippery and loose lahar surface. 

On the descent, drivers had to engage the Hill Descent Control feature. The system continually adjusts brake pressure to help control slippage and maintain a constant preset speed while going down a steep gradient. This helped drivers concentrate on steering with greater confidence. 

Drivers also experienced the controlled ride and stability delivered by the pick-up truck thanks to the improved rear departure angle of 23˚ (increased from 21˚ in the preceding model) and wider and longer wheelbase in the next-gen Ranger.

Arabelle Jimenez traversing through water with confidence.

Water Crossing Stations: Relying on the next-gen Ranger’s water-wading capability (up to 800 mm), and enhanced visibility provided by 360˚ camera, participants effortlessly traversed through small pools and streams to test just how the pick-up truck will respond to such terrain. 

Rock and Ruts: Driving in normal mode in 4-Low together with locking rear differential system to test the engine’s torque at a lower RPM and axle ratio, participants drove through rocky and sandy patches and experienced how the next-gen Ranger’s ride remains smooth through all of it. 

Beyond Offroad: At Camp Ford, participants saw how versatile the next-gen Ranger is. With its clamp pockets, molded compartment slots, and improved bedliner as well as the 230-volt inverter cargo outlet, the truck isn’t just for driving through off-road tracks, it can also be used for everyone’s work needs such as drilling and cutting wood. 

“Our next-generation Ford Drive Experience allowed our media partners to experience the full capabilities of the next-gen Ford Ranger amid real-life driving situations and conditions. We planned the trip to really showcase its versatility, reliability, safety, and connectivity. We hope that through this experiential drive, our media partners were able to appreciate the features of our next-gen Ford Ranger which makes it the perfect vehicle for work, play, and family,” said Mike Breen, managing director, Ford Philippines. 

Monch Henares with Mike Breen, Managing Director of Ford Philippines

The next-gen Ranger comes with a 5-year warranty for an enhanced ownership experience. The longer warranty offering will cover the next-gen Ranger for up to 5 years or total mileage of up to 150,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. 


Photos by Arabelle Jimenez

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