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It’s the season of giving. If you’re contemplating on what to give your loved ones and their utmost safety is your concern, why not gift them with a set of new tires, partnered with a pampered and efficient car care service that will be remembered for a long time. Gift tires will almost assuredly be appreciated. If in doubt, just ask if they’re in the market for new tires or maybe suggest that their prized possession would look like a million bucks with a new set of aftermarket tires and wheels at reasonable prices. 

This unique gift is a practical way to show that you care for someone’s safety. In the case of your car-crazy relative for example, who’s been upgrading and tweaking that pocket rocket for years now, new performance tires could be the perfect way to show that you care about their hobby. 

Give a new set of wheels and tires this Christmas and show you care.

This season, or any season or day, for that matter, new tires make a great gift for someone you know and love; from your Dad, Mom, brothers, sisters, and to your Titos and Titas, even to yourself. You could work out a deal with a local tire retailer and give a much smaller present: a gift voucher for new tires mounted and balanced. 

NCL Miller Car Care Center 

There is this one tire-and-wheel retailer along West Avenue in Quezon City that you can work out an awesome deal with. You can’t miss the large ‘NCL Miller Car Care Center’ sign fronting this new three-story building on your right if you are coming down from EDSA. Formerly known as NH Miller, this successful family business came from humble beginnings. 

It all started when Nelson H. Miller, a car racing enthusiast and ex-rally navigator put up NH Miller, a simple vulcanizing shop 37 years ago. He later upgraded the business and moved into a larger rented space on West Avenue. With motor oil running through his veins, Nelson together with his wife Carlota were able to build this successful and thriving family business and make it one of the most popular one-stop-shop full-service car care centers in Quezon City. 


In May 2021, amidst the easing up of the lockdown restrictions, NCL MILLER CAR CARE CENTER moved to its newly constructed building on 127 West Avenue. They not only offer a wide selection of tires and mag wheels, but the latest in mechanical services such as preventive maintenance service, under chassis maintenance service, and cooling system restoration to name a few. 

NCL Miller Car Care Center's grand wall-display of mag wheels and tires and spacious interiors

Nelson and Carlota designed and built the new facility to their specs. Its spacious interior is meticulously well laid out. As you walk or drive in, customers are greeted at a welcoming reception area and front office. It boasts a huge floor-to-ceiling wall-type wheel display which makes it easy and fun for a customer to shop for a set of handsome rims. While waiting, one can relax, work or watch TV at the air-conditioned customer lounge and enjoy complimentary ice-cold refreshments and free Wi-Fi. Parking is not a problem as they have provided parking slots at the back too. 

Reception area and front office

The cozy air-conditioned customer lounge with free Wi-Fi

Secret Family Recipe (Well, Not Anymore) 

NCL Miller’s customer base started with just a handful of Nelson’s friends and family helping a friend’s startup venture. After 37 years of giving family-friendly and expert services to every customer that entered their shop doors, the loyal following has grown exponentially. Generations of families keep coming back with more referrals and notedly, they all share the same story of having an awesome, stress-free car service experience. 

NCL Miller's team of highly trained automotive technicians

All the customers are treated like family by all the NCL Miller staff. “Our tire technicians and salespeople have been with us for decades,” Louie Miller tells us. “Many of them have been with Dad since he started,” she reveals. The reliable honest mechanics and service crews have decades of automobile servicing experience to be proud of. They all are family and give that personal Miller touch. 

Service with a Heart

“We highlight our fast service as much as possible. You can be gone in 1 hour if you just want mags and tires,” Lourisse Miller guarantees with conviction. “You choose your mags, then you choose your tires, then we let the Hunter system read your wheel alignment and camber. If everything checks out, we give you a 6-month warranty, and you’re all done,” she adds. The camber and wheel alignment package has an unlimited check-up and repair guarantee within 6 months after the service was completed.

Not one, but two state-of-the-art wheel alignment machines

Their Specialty is Your Best Gift 

NCL Miller is known for quality tire brands such as Bridgestone, German-designed Yeada, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, Toyo, Yokohama, GT Radial, and Nitto. 

NCL Miller is known for quality tire brands such as Bridgestone, German-designed Yeada, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, Toyo, Yokohama, GT Radial, and Nitto. 

When it comes to mag wheels, NCL Miller has a wide variety of designs that are made in Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan which are more on the affordable side. They carry original Volk Rays Japan, Enkei Japan, and Cosmis Wheels Thailand. “We also carry ROTA Wheels, the internationally renowned local brand which the young car owners are crazy about,” according to Lourisse Miller. “It’s not that they buy one set of mags and own it for years, but they like to change it so often just like shoes,” she said with a smile. NCL Miller also has a vast network of tire and mag wheels suppliers, they can easily get those hard-to-find brands and sizes. 

When it comes to mag wheels, NCL Miller has a wide variety of designs that are made in Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan which are more on the affordable side.

Service Offerings 

Their offerings include mechanical services such as vulcanizing, state-of-the-art wheel alignment (Hunter and John Bean Systems) and balancing (Corghi Balancer and tire changer), camber correction, tire rotation, under-chassis repairs, oil changing, body lifting using aftermarket body lift kits, and installation of bulletproof run-flat inserts on tires.

To add, all tire and wheel purchases from NCL Miller come with complimentary tire mounting, dismounting, wheel balancing service, and check-up on alignment and camber.

State-of-the-art Hunter HawkEye Wheel Alignment System

John Bean Imaging Wheel Alignment System

Easy on the Pocket 

NCL Miller Car Care Center makes every purchase easy on your pocket. Financing options are available from BDO, BPI, Metrobank, PNB, China Bank, HSBC, and RCBC with a choice of 3-24 months installments. Payment options through Gcash, Maya, Paypal, Atome, and Home Credit PH are also accepted. 

Corghi tire changers and wheel balancer

Every part of your vehicle serves a purpose, but one area that often gets neglected is your tires. The tire is probably the most important component out of the thousands that make up a car. Having the proper tires for your car can improve your fuel economy, handling, and your overall safety. Tires just don’t make a car look cool and have rolling appeal, they are in fact the only thing that keeps you and your high-speed car safely glued to the road. 

Rear service area with additional parking spaces

NCL Miller Car Care Center is located at 127 West Avenue Quezon City. You can contact them through their social media pages like Facebook, Instagram,
and Twitter or you can call them at +632 8374 2112, +63995 9649370, and +63916 6187430 for all your tire, wheel, and car servicing needs. 


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He is also a tech specialist, inventor, and automotive engineer. He managed the motor pool for the largest limousine company in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He is now based in the Philippines, and together with his life partner, Arabelle Jimenez, co-founded, a motoring tourism, and lifestyle news publication. 

Monch is currently the President of BuildMeUp Corp, a digital media company.

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