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Hyundai HD45 GT: Sugod-Ready for 2023 | Motourismo

Brisk business never sleeps. In this coming Year of the Water Rabbit, businesses are said to benefit from the Rabbit’s quiet but quick, determined pace. Sustain or even speed up the pace with the Hyundai HD45 GT. Hyundai’s 4-wheeler with 1490kg of gross vehicle weight (GVW) is exempt from the ongoing truck ban, which gives business owners far greater chances to capitalize on the numerous features of this versatile “partner in every way.”


Tuloy-tuloy ang deliveries


The 2.9-liter Turbocharged CRDi diesel engine of the HD45 GT may look lightweight but with a capacity of up to 160ps, it can churn out the desired power and torque for hauling, long-distance travel, or uphill driving with cargo while keeping fuel consumption to the minimum.

The strong, interior high tensile steel ladder frame is designed with standard hole application for convenience in customizing your desired cargo truck.

When it comes to versatility, the HD45 GT’s medium wheelbase (MWB) provides for 14-15 feet (ft) feet of loading space; and long wheelbase (LWB) of 16 ft which can be stretched to afford up to 18 ft of loading space. In terms of GVW, the HD45 GT weighs 4,490 kg, which, which allows you to keep moving goods and other services without worrying about beating the truck ban schedule. 

While the power takeoff (PTO) feature adds value to the truck, not just to move goods but also to power up auxiliary equipment, such as hydraulic pumps, generators, air compressors, pneumatic blowers, or vacuum pumps at the work site. Not all trucks have PTO as a standard, which endows the HD45 GT with one more important edge over the rest.

Built-in Power Take-Off channels power to rear onboard equipment saves on additional expense when customizing the rear body design.


As for durability, the new HD series models are made with a rigid, rust-resistant high-strength frame that can withstand heavy load and the rigors of travel through varying road conditions, as well as protect both driver and front passenger by dissipating the impact in the wake of a collision.



The spacious and comfy cab space provides a relaxing ride, especially during long deliveries or hauling trips. Sufficient storage for handy items adds even more convenience.

Finally, the HD45 GT offers generous air-conditioned cab space. Comfortable, ergonomic seats can be adjusted for relaxed seating especially during long and tedious trips. Convenient storage compartments have travel essentials, like vehicle documents, maps, water bottles, and hand sanitizers within easy reach. 


To cap off its many business advantages, the HD45 GT comes with a 3-Year or 200,000 km warranty (whichever comes first), for flexible coverage that helps you save on maintenance and parts purchase in the long run. 


SO GOOD sa Traffic and SUGOD-READY sa Deliveries, the Hyundai HD45 GT is your lucky mover as you leap into the prolific Year of the Rabbit. 


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