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Changan CS35 Plus owners from left; Athan Alonzo, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Banayad and Jay Clemente.

Changan Auto’s CS35 Plus breaks stereotypes of what a subcompact crossover should be and these proud owners are loving every minute of the drive.  

Jay Clemente

Barely two years in the market, the Changan CS35 Plus has been gaining huge following with its refreshing balance of style, functionality, power, and convenience. We caught up with happy owners to talk about how “living freely, leading freely” works for them.  

Jay: “It’s product of excellence. I have been driving it for two years and I still feel proud. Hindi siya nakakasawang i-drive.”

IT professional Jay Clemente has been driving his CS35 Plus for two years now. He first spotted it while having another car serviced at a dealership that happens to carry Changan.   

“I knew nothing about the brand (but) the aesthetic quality of the exterior and interior amazed me. I asked more about it… I took the risk and up till now it still amazes me, my family, and friends…. The driving’s really great, the aesthetic value of the exterior, the interiors. And the infotainment. Sound system is my No. 1 factor for considering a car and having a silent cabin while driving is really a good experience every time.”  


Mark: “Simpleng tao lang ako pero pag pumasok ako sa CS35 Plus, feel ko, mayaman ako.”

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Banayad


Businessman Mark Banayad discovered the CS35 Plus at the 2022 Manila International Auto Show. The performance impressed him, but more so the price. “How did Changan manage to pack in all those features at that price?” he asked himself. After reading more about the brand online, he decided that it was worth investing in. He got a CS35 Plus Luxe in Draco Red for his family to enjoy while maintaining his older unit for business use.  


Why Changan? “Napa-wow ako sa engine performance. Buong buo ang feeling niya. You can overtake those long trucks, the 10 wheelers, hindi ka kakabahan. Naipasok nila ang Adaptive Cruise Control, ACC, AEB, digital cluster, panoramic sunroof… all those hi-tech features which you get in cars worth five million, up. So, why not Changan? Sulit sa pera yung comfort at excitement na ibibigay niya.”  

Athan: The CS35 Plus is a great option. Sulit ang pera mo, busog ka pa sa features. Wala ka nang hahanapin, wala kang babaguhin.”


For his part, Athan Alonzo, also an IT practitioner, was already considering another car brand when he stumbled across the CS35 Plus. Today he boasts of being the first owner of the New Changan CS35 Plus Luxe in the country. And he can’t stop raving.

“I like best the DRL lights and tail lights—sobrang pogi. Pormado siya. Ang interiors, malaki. Sobrang packed ng features. Super smooth ang performance. Ang upuan, parang nakaupo ka sa yayamaning couch. Sulit! At first, normal lang ang malakas sa gas consumption but over time tumitipid, lalo na noong nag first PMS, lalo siyang tumipid, lalong gumanda ang takbo.”  

Head turners all in a row at a car club joyride in Tanay, Rizal. 

Jay, Mark, and Athan are members of the growing number of CS35 Plus car clubs in the country. As a fitting shout out for their beloved SUV, the guys organized the very first CS35 Plus joy ride to the rolling hills of Tanay. Athan recalls how their eight-car convoy turned heads. “People were taking photos and sharing with us their pics. Nakakatuwa.” Plans are up for more joy rides in other parts of the country. Proof that Filipino motorists are happily changing mindsets about what the new mobility experience is about.  


“Everything about the Changan CS35 Plus is something you can be proud of,” states Jay. “It’s a product of excellence. I have been driving it for two years and I still feel proud. Hindi siya nakakasawang i-drive. You’ll find great things, learn new things as you drive it.”  


“Other brands have come ahead of it, pero hindi magpapatalo ang Changan,” Mark enthuses. “Ang comfort at excitement na ibibigay niya when you drive it ay talagang on point.”  


And a clincher from Athan: “Malaki ang na-improve ng China sa cars at technology. Give it a chance. Hindi mo malalaman kung hindi mo susubukan. This is my testament as an owner of a CS35 Plus. Great experience. Worth buying. A great option. Sulit ang pera mo, busog ka pa sa features. Wala ka nang hahanapin, wala kang babaguhin.”  




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