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The All-New Jeep® Grand Cherokee L

The Jeep® life is a life well-lived. It is defined by passion, adventure, but most of all, it is one that is shaped by individuality and forging one’s own path. It’s also about making and leaving a mark in the course of the journey and striking a true balance in creating a memorable life. This is the legacy that is represented by the All-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L, the brand’s premiere SUV designed to be the classic epitome of luxury that is meant to be shared across generations.’

The Grand Cherokee, which inherits the Jeep brand’s 81-year history and legacy, has maintained its title as “the most award-winning SUV ever”, and has been praised for its continuously evolving performance and technology since its debut in 1992. 

The All-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L is for the ambitious, driven individual, who has attained stature and professional success. More significantly, they take pride in having built a close-knit home and sharing the fruits of their achievements with those nearest to their heart. The Grand Cherokee L supports their daily routine by taking them through busy workdays, then transitioning into their family’s favorite mobile partner for weekend bonding adventures. 

Designed to be perfectly refined, the Grand Cherokee L leaves nothing to chance when it comes to offering luxurious comfort. The first-ever three-row Grand Cherokee offers spacious seating capacity for up to seven passengers. It is finished in premium leather, complemented by quilted leather upholstery throughout the cabin, open-pore wood trimming, and a contrasting beige-black interior. An all-black variant is available as an option, for an air of understated mystery. Every touchpoint holds a mark of elegance, from the leather steering wheel, piano-gloss trim, to the interior ambient LED lighting feature that is unique to the Jeep brand.

However, elegance comes from the care exerted when making a vehicle and also from its functionality. The Grand Cherokee L is made to be incredibly adaptable to a multi-faceted lifestyle, fitted with clean lines in its design cues and a practical, easy-to-navigate interior layout. In addition to the standard steering wheel control system, a 10.1-inch infotainment touchscreen is integrated into the center of the dashboard console that offers hands-free capability options, including wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a Qi wireless charging pad, and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Even with its classy, highly refined image, the All-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L is anything but tame. By day, it is the hardworking urban traveler that supports any ambitious go-getter’s busy schedule. By night, it transforms into a gorgeous luxury vehicle for a mid-week date. By the weekend, it is the perfect getaway SUV that can support the whole family on an exciting outdoor adventure — kids and family dog all in tow! 

The Grand Cherokee L is equipped with a powerful 3.6-liter V6 engine, resulting in a maximum output of 282-horsepower and 344Nm of torque which provide driving performance that will satisfy any enthusiast. On the other hand, its 4x4 all-wheel off-roading capability means that it can be taken and driven anywhere and in any road condition, whether it’s for a wholesome family outing or an overland recreational trip on rougher terrain. 

The Jeep brand understands that every journey should be as safe as it is comfortable. The Grand Cherokee L comes with a driver assist system to ensure maximum monitoring capability with minimum distraction. As part of its standard equipment, there is a floating head-up display right above the vehicle gauge cluster and a surround-view camera that shows a view of the exterior perimeter of the vehicle. An extra special feature is an interior rear-facing camera that conveniently provides a view of the second and third rows of the cabin, as well as a rear-view mirror that only takes a flip of a tab and the mirror switches to a secondary screen. 

We have waited a long time for the Jeep Grand Cherokee to come back to the Philippines—its previous appearance dates back to 2018. Now, it graces Philippine shores once again with the Grand Cherokee L, filling the gap for a timeless, classically modern SUV that integrates individuality and family characteristics. This is the luxury SUV which complements any and every kind of lifestyle and can handle the changing interests of each new generation.

Created to be the Jeep brand’s most luxurious SUV, the All-New Grand Cherokee L is a model of elegance and refinement. It is a paradigm for a continuing legacy that holds the benchmark for vehicles that are as multi-faceted as the people who drive them, thriving as they do, and supporting them through every new road they take in their lives.




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