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Participants undergoing hands-on training on proper braking techniques and having the correct posture especially when turning.

ENEOS Motor Oil, Japan’s No. 1 Oil Company, recently invited members of the motoring media and young kids to learn the basics of how to safely ride on two-wheels with the help of ENEOS Brand Ambassador and highly respected motorcycle riding coach Mel Aquino. 

“We are not only committed to provide products and services that are safe and secure, but we also advocate for safety on the road especially for the motorcycle riding public,” said Kazumasa Imai, President of ENEOS Philippines Corporation (ENEPH).

Warm welcome from ENEPH President Kazumasa Imai

Data shows that the motorcycles industry in the Philippines is the 5th largest in the World. Motorcycles account for 71% of our total registered vehicle population and is seen to continually grow in the coming years. 

“Given the very high number of riders in the country, we intend to play a major role in helping the community value safety both off-road and on-road. Helping us in this endeavor are our brand ambassadors that are champion riders who understand that safety is paramount whether on the racetrack or on public roads,” said Roscel Isip, General Manager, Marketing & Planning of ENEPH. 

Fun day at the track for the kids and the young at heart

The ENEOS Motor Oil brand ambassadors are Philippine Motocross Champion Bornok Mangosong; Superbike Champion and Off-road lady rider Des Buncio; Philippine Motocross Champion and highly-respected motorcycle riding coach Mel Aquino; and the latest addition – Superbike Champion Jacq Buncio. 

During the one-day seminar at the Motorcycle Riding School Philippines by Mel Aquino at KRB MX Speedway in Antipolo, participants learned about the importance of wearing the correct riding gear, the need to conduct a pre-ride inspection, the 7 different riding postures, braking techniques, cornering and the 3 types of leaning, and tips in proper road behavior. The afternoon was spent going around the off-road track where Coach Mel and his team of coaches conducted hands-on training for better appreciation and application.

Coach Mel Aquino in his element

“The number 1 cause of motorcycle accidents is human error and we hope to address that through proper motorcycle safety training. Learning in our off-road track would greatly benefit an on-road rider especially when road conditions are less than ideal,” said Coach Mel Aquino. “We also have a program specifically for kids so they start with the right fundamentals and can have more fun riding as they grow older.”

Coach Chico Garcia teaching the kids the importance of doing stretching exercises before riding your bike

ENEOS Philippines is part of the global distribution of Japan’s No. 1 Oil Company that provides top quality, high performance automotive lubricant solutions within reach of motorists nationwide. Established in October 2019, it commits to deliver outstanding power to every Filipino’s drive.

For the two-wheeled segment, ENEOS Motor Oil has a high-performance fully synthetic motorcycle oil for racing, a synthetic-based motorcycle oil for all types of 4-stroke engines, a synthetic automatic scooter oil and scooter gear oil and a mineral-based motorcycle oil for all types of 4-stroke engines. For cars, on the other hand, it has ultra-modern and environment-friendly fully synthetic motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines, high-performance synthetic motor oils for gasoline engines and diesel engines and a highly refined mineral-based motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines. 

Some of the participants proudly showing their certificates of completion

For more information about ENEOS Motor Oil, log on to www.eneos.com.ph or you may visit its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ENEOSPhilippines




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