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The Gransportivo GSL 3000 E-Motorbike

Gransportivo, one of the first brands to offer a full line of e-motorbikes in the country is fast becoming a popular player in the local EV market. One of their best-selling models is the versatile entry-level GSL-3000.

Imagine a motorbike that didn't need so much maintenance, no oil change, no lubing of the chains, no trips to the gas station, and whose annual services and registration would cost as little to none. 

Ergonomics and Styling

Style and design are essential factors when it comes to deciding a first or next motorbike purchase. But, most importantly, the rider should feel utmost pleasure while riding it. 

If you're comfortable with riding high and upright, you will love the GSL-3000. Its relaxed riding position is perfect for a casual and chill ride. I can imagine it being a perfect e-motorbike for tourists to rent as they enjoy the beauty of our islands.

The GSL-3000 and its relaxed riding position

The handlebars are set at comfortable height and width. The best thing is that my arms were in a relaxed position at all times and I didn't feel much weight on my wrists.

The seat is made of weatherproof material and can accommodate 2 people comfortably.

The seat is made of weatherproof material and can accommodate 2 people comfortably, but even though the feel on my behind was on the firm side, it still kept me planted. Its aluminum-alloy folding recessed footsteps make it easy for the rear passenger to mount and dismount from the rear.  The riding seat height is 750 mm, perfect for the regular-sized Juan with a maximum riding load of 165 kilos.

The compartment under the lockable seat houses the powerful 3000 Watt 72V/50AH Battery and portable 220AC adaptor/charger. There is enough storage space for other essentials like a leather jacket, raincoat, gloves, etc.

A 12" multi-spoke aluminum-alloy front wheel wears a Celimo street tire, size 90/90-12. 

Adding a sporty and sleek look is the 12" multi-spoke aluminum-alloy front wheel that wore a Celimo street tire, size 90/90-12. 


It starts off in a very gentle way. It is designed for new riders where you don't jet off at breakneck speeds.

What strikes me the most, is how quiet the motorbike is. It is so quiet, the only things I heard were the oscillating suspension and the sound of tires gripping the pavement. 

Electric motorbikes have a lot of torque starting from 0 km/hr. The GSL-3000 has almost the same horsepower rating as a 50cc petrol-engine motorcycle, but it has about 10 times the torque. It has a top speed of 65 km/hr. I found that the sweet spot of 30km/hr is where the motor becomes more energetic and responsive.

The rear 3-kilowatt hub motor has a 4-horsepower rating.

It has a hub motor with one single moving part in it, making it a very economical and reliable propulsion source. It has 3 kilowatts of power which convert to 4 hp. It may sound small but its torque is about 80 Nm as compared to a 50cc internal combustion engine that gets only 4-9Nm.

The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are adequate and have great stopping power.

The suspension is a bit on the firm side. The front fork is of the basic non-adjustable type. At the rear, it has twin springs with pre-load adjusters.

Braking Performance

The front and rear disc brakes are adequate and have great stopping power. Since it is not  ABS and traction control equipped, the rear brakes did lock a few times when given a sudden full hard squeeze, but the bike always kept its composure. I don't think the bike would need those handling features, its power and speed don't warrant it.

Range & Efficiency

The Gransportivo GSL 3000 can travel a maximum of 150kms on a full charge till its 72V/50AH Lithium-Ion battery will need to be recharged via a portable 220VAC adaptor/charger (included). 

The compartment under the lockable seat houses the powerful 3000 Watt 72V/50AH Battery and portable 220AC adaptor/charger.

The battery is also removable, which makes it convenient to charge indoors, especially on a wet or stormy day. Charging a drained battery will take anywhere from 6-8 hours, perfect while you sleep. Gransportivo also gives a long 5-year battery warranty. 

This e-motorbike has a regenerative-type motor that recharges the battery every time you decelerate or slow down, even more, if you are going down a slope. It isn't that significant if you look at it, but it will make a difference after a long day on the road by extending its range.

Controls & Monitoring

The oval-shaped LCD instrumentation is visibly clear and simple. On the right of the oval-shaped cluster is a large digital speedometer and to the left and below it are the battery meter, odometer, regeneration meter, and headlight/turn signal indicators.

The oval-shaped LCD instrumentation is visibly clear and simple.

The switches and controls on the handlebar are ergonomically easy for your fingers to navigate through, thus creating a safer journey by keeping your undivided attention on the road ahead.

The switches and controls on the handlebar are ergonomically easy for your fingers to navigate through.

They have incorporated two safety switches that would make the Speed Controller (SC) on the handlebar inactive in case of accidental rotation while parked. One deactivates the SC if the kickstand is down, the other is a sliding on/off switch on the left of the SC that can disable it manually.

The motor shut-off safety switch and reverse button

The GSL 3000 is safety-equipped with front and rear disc brakes, brake and turn-signal lights, a hi-lo headlight, a horn, and a pair of side mirrors.

Component Grade

The GSL 3000 is built around a strong steel-tubing frame and is dressed with sleek durable ABS plastic body panels with available body colors, blue, white, black, and green.

Durable ABS plastic body panels

Monchster's Final Thoughts

The Gransportivo GLS 3000 stands out from its petrol engine-driven brothers because of its ease of ownership and low maintenance costs.

I rode it for like 20-30 km a day and recharged it only once a week. Charging it from 20-100% using the included 220v/8A adaptor/charger cost me an affordable low amount of only Php48.00 (calculated using my Meralco bill data). That would cost just about 41-centavos per kilometer. 

The author, Monch Henares posing for a photo riding the 
Gransportivo GSL 3000 E-Motorbike.

It's cool and easy to ride, but I had to be particularly vigilant when I rode around other vehicles on the road, especially when pedestrians were present because they don't have the advantage of hearing you coming. A problem a loud aftermarket horn can't cure.

Gransportivo GSL 3000 E-motorbike sells for Php120,000.00. It can be LTO registered without a renewal date, but we will have to wait for the LTO to release more EV guidelines as it is also new to them. Good thing, it doesn't need a yearly smog test either. 

I am convinced it is economical to operate, easy to use, with almost nothing to maintain, and is undeniably a looker and definitely a keeper. Luckily it has only a few moving parts, making it a long-lasting means of transportation one can own.  All I have to do now is to install some solar panels at home to finally charge it for free.

Yes, I would want to own one, as I am an advocate for green energy, clean air, and preserving nature. I am totally against environmental and excessive noise pollution. I am ready for change. There is this awesome feeling about going electric when you are ahead of the game in doing something for the environment.

Visit the Gransportivo Showroom at KM 47 Caltex station, Governor's Drive, Carmona, Cavite

Call: + 63 917328 4775 (use code "motourismo")


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