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OMODA 5 EV will be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year. As a leader of future traveling, OMODA 5 EV, with four major selling points, namely crossover design, intelligent technology, EIC (motor, battery, and electric control) technology, and worry-free safety, will bring users a driving experience of smooth and all-around safety and security. In addition, the OMODA brand is committed to the concept of environmental protection, green and sustainable development in the future, and its first global new energy model, OMODA 5 EV, will also be a leader in the trend of green and environmental protection.

Crossover Design - Express the Personality of the New Generation

Characterized by the crossover design, OMODA 5 EV adopts the CROSS styling design for its exterior, with its light and shadow-cutting streamlined body and high-tech and futuristic front face, it makes the vehicle full of motion, while its interior design incorporates future technological elements, and the gear shift is designed to be simple and high-tech. A wealth of exterior and interior color options provides consumers with seven vibrant and dynamic exterior colors and three interior color-matching designs, to meet the personalized needs of different consumers.

Intelligent Technology - Enjoy the Future Technology with Intelligent Guidance

OMODA 5 EV is equipped with a variety of intelligent technological configurations. In terms of visual technology, it possesses a 12.3 super-large curved screen, which provides users with intelligent travel guidance. HMI5.0 visual interaction and digital human placement provide an immersive technological experience for drivers and passengers; in terms of driving technology, the fatigue monitoring function ensures driving safety. The vehicle also offers ten driving modes, namely camping, energy-saving, sobering, warming up, cooling, welcoming, Karaoke, haze, pets, and starting, which makes driving smarter and more convenient.

EIC Technology - Low Energy Consumption and High Endurance for Environmentally Friendly Traveling

Characterized by low energy consumption and high endurance, the EIC technology of OMODA 5 EV significantly reduces the energy consumption of the vehicle. With an ultra-low power consumption of only 15KWh/100KM, as well as a strong endurance of up to 450KM, it enables drivers to travel freely without the need for frequent charging; in addition, the extremely fast-charging technology allows the battery to be charged up to 80% within 35 minutes, moreover, it is equipped with the V2L technology, which achieves the electric power availability at any time and facilitates the user's demand for electric power, as well as enabling users to experience the joy of environmentally friendly and convenient travel.

Worry-free Security - Travel with More Peace of Mind and Protection Every Day

The safety of users is always the focus of OMODA 5 EV. In addition to providing global five-star certification and the body architecture in high-strength steel, the 17 intelligent driving assistance functions of the new-generation ADAS system also provide all-around safety for eco-friendly traveling, allowing drivers to travel with greater peace of mind.

With its core concepts of green and safety and leading new energy technology, OMODA 5 EV is a leader in future travel. In the fourth quarter of this year, OMODA 5 EV will meet with global consumers, leading the new energy trend and bringing us to a better future with more environmental protection and zero emission. Let's look forward to more surprises and progress that OMODA 5 EV will bring to green travel!




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