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The 2024 season of the MSCC Mazda Miata Spec Series starts on May 25. Organized jointly by Mazda Philippines and the Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC), the MSCC Miata Spec Series is the country’s only one-make sportscar racing series.

As a racing platform, the MX-5 needs little introduction as it is the most raced car in the world. It has proven to be both fast and reliable, winning four-, eight-, and 12-hour endurance races no less than five times in the Philippines. In the past two seasons of the MSCC Miata Spec Series, there have been no mechanical breakdowns. Driven properly, the MX-5 Spec Series race car will go through an entire season only requiring consumables such as brake rotors and discs, and filters.

Inspired by the largest one-make grassroots race series in the world, the Mazda Spec Miata, the MSCC Miata Spec Series cars are all built from showroom standard Mazda MX-5 Soft Top units. The race cars feature the stock Skyactiv-G 2.0-liter and 6-speed Skyactiv-Drive manual transmission.

“What sets the MX-5 Spec Series cars apart from the others is that it remains road legal. It comes with a license plate, and with the climate control and infotainment system intact, it is not just good for the track, but for the road as well,” shares Steven Tan, President and CEO of Mazda Philippines.

For the MSCC Miata Spec Series, the MX-5 has been developed further to ensure safe, fun, and exciting racing. 

The sportscar’s platform has been made stiffer with the use of a Mazdaspeed upper stress bar and front lower arm power brace. Each suspension component has been upgraded too with CUSCO Sport S 24-way adjustable coil overs and sway bars (24 mm at the front, 14 mm at the rear) to maximize handling and performance on the track, while ensuring drivability on the road. All MX-5 Spec Series cars race with GT Radial Champiro SX2 tires mounted on custom 17 x 8.0 J Rota Strike wheels. Repeated hard braking on the circuit also meant upgrading the brakes using Autoexe stainless steel braided hose lines and Winmax brake pads.

A custom stainless steel exhaust system, developed by local company Drift Xaust, maximizes air flow and enhances the racing note emanating from the MX-5’s 181-horsepower engine. A Sparco R345 competition steering wheel, Grid-Q racing seat, and four-point harness, as well as CUSCO 6-point roll cage and safety net are installed to secure the drivers’ control and safety on and off the track.

Due to popular demand, the grid is expanding with a handful of MX-5 Spec Series race cars being made available to the public for the first time since the series’ inception in 2022.




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