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Geely Yinhe E8

The German Firm iF Design Award (iF DESIGN AWARD), known as the "Oscar of the  design industry", awarded the 2024 iF Design Award to Geely Yinhe E8. The newest star from the Geely  Auto stood out from nearly 11,000 entries from 72 countries and regions around the world.  

As one of the world's three major industrial design awards along with the Red Dot Award (German) and  the IDEA Award (America), the iF Design Award was founded in 1953. It is famous for its independent,  rigorous and reliable. In this world, the selection criteria are extremely harsh. This year's iF Design  Award uses "Idea"/"Form"/"Function"/"Differentiation"/"Impact" as the evaluation criteria,  emphasizing the global influence of design. Geely Yinhe E8 has won high recognition from 132 global  authoritative design review experts from 23 countries with its impressive "new design paradigm" in the  era of smart electric vehicle. 

Break through design boundaries with high-value design 

Review experts believe that the breakthrough of Geely Yinhe E8 lies in the perfect integration of culture,  technology and user needs. In the "Galaxy Era" of new energy vehicles, Geely Yinhe anchors the "high  value" of its products and adheres to its original intention of "making smart premium cars for everyone".  As the flagship pure electric sedan of the Geely Yinhe series, the Geely Yinhe E8 is equipped with the  world's first mass-produced integrated luminous front face created by patented "micro hole laser  engraving" technology. It not only inherits Geely's classic ripple symbol design, but also maintains its  extremely high brand Recognizable. 

The world's first mass-produced 45-inch 8K unbounded smart screen in the car integrates multiple  functions to meet the in-vehicle interactive unbounded experience required by users. In addition, in  terms of driving experience design, Geely explores the real demands of each occupant in the car from  the user's perspective, repeatedly tests the interactive experience in various scenarios, and improves  the "attention rate" in the driving area and the "competency rate" in the blind operation area, providing  Safe travel protection for users. 

Leading the era of smart electric vehicle with "new design paradigm" 

As the wave of smart electrification triggers a century-old revolution in automobiles, globalization has become an irreversible and inevitable trend. Different economic, cultural, social and other diverse fields  are deeply integrated. Rooted on cultural and brand heritage and be inclusive, Geely design is embracing  the global perspective. 

Geely’s design team is composed of outstanding designers from different countries and regions around  the world. Under the diverse, inclusive, and open team culture, the collision of different perspectives  and thinking brings unlimited possibilities to car design and constantly improves intelligent design. In  the electric era, Geely advocates the "new design paradigm". 

As Geely's global model, the release of Geely Yinhe E8 is an important step in the strategic  transformation of Geely's new energy brand, leading China's new energy into a high-value era. 




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