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20 years ago, Blade started as one of the first retail car accessory brands in the Philippines. Since then, the business has expanded from its initial branch in Market Market BGC to all over the country with more than fifty stores.

This year marks the 20th year of Blade Auto Center! With this, they will celebrate this momentous occasion by having special events, sales promos, and contests for its loyal customers. To start it off, they announced their partnership with Philips, as the exclusive Philippine Distributor.

Jacques Le Berre, Senior Director, Business Line Aftermarket Lamps & LED Upgrades introduces the Philips Ultinon Access LED headlight line.

Philips was founded in 1891 and has since become one of the most well-renowned electronics brands all over the world. They have produced a wide variety of products such as home appliances, online apps, and medical technology. Philips has been making light bulbs for the automotive industry ever since automobiles have required them. 

There are a lot of LED headlight brands available in the market today, some even claiming unbelievable brightness. They all have one thing in common though, they all produce glare which is dangerously blinding to oncoming motorists. This is because the LEDs they use are large and can't produce an accurate and precise beam of light. Philips has finally engineered and manufactured the perfect replacement LED headlight bulb for the sharp and focused Halogen bulb. 


The Ultinon Access LED is the latest series in the line of LED Technology for car headlights. The complete range of Ultinon Access LED includes the H1, H3, H4/H19, H7/H18, H11, HIR2, HB3/HB4, and Fog. Available in Cool White (6000K) and Halogen Warm White (3000K)

This product is also easy to install. People with little to no experience can do the job in less than 10 minutes per bulb. 


In the Philippines, the most commonly used bulbs are Halogen mainly due to the fact that this is the type of bulb used in older cars. Compared to a halogen type, the Philips Ultinon Access LED beam is longer and wider, its cut-off line is very visible, and is compact in size making it a perfect fit in any vehicle.  In terms of performance, LED bulbs are 80% brighter,  can last 4-6X longer, and use up only 1/3 the energy of a Halogen. This is why, modern cars are making the switch to LED.

The Ultinon Access LED was created to make the switch easier for consumers. This new line of bulbs is compatible with cars that use Halogen. Therefore, all customers need to do is replace the bulb like normal. It's totally plug-and-play.

Any motorcycle equipped with Halogen H4 or H7 docks can adopt the Ultinon Access & Ultinon WeatherVision LED H4 or H7. Unfortunately, most motorbikes in Asia are equipped with HS1 & M5/T19 docks. There is an upcoming series called the Ultinon Moto 1000 which will be launched in Q3 2024 with those 2 types.

Blade will be hosting a Philips Challenge which will be open to the public.  Customers will be able to try installing the bulb themselves. They will be given 10 minutes to install one bulb and if they are successful, they will redeem a free pair of Ultinon Pro3100 bulbs. This will be conducted in two locations on separate weekends. The details are as follows:

Mindanao Avenue: April 26-28, 2024
Timog Avenue: May 3-5, 2024

Anyone can join!




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