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From left to right: Ms. Cherry May De Los Santos, Marketing Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Miguelito Jose, Managing Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Yves Licup, President – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Vincent Licup, Executive Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines 


Key officials and executives of JETOUR Auto Philippines Inc (JAPI), the exclusive distributor of the renowned JETOUR brand of SUVs, C-SUVs, and EVs, traveled to Beijing, China to participate in key events and functions at the very heart of the world's most dynamic and vibrant automotive landscape.


JAPI President,  Mr. Yves Licup, Executive Director, Mr. Vincent Licup, Managing Director, Mr. Miguelito Jose, Marketing Director, Ms. Cherry May De Los Santos, as well as other JAPI officers met and mingled with executives and key stakeholders of other JETOUR partners from all around the world and discussed best practices and concepts to accelerate the JETOUR brand's growth and further successes.


More opportunities for expanding networks, and getting an expansive feel of the latest trends in automotive technologies, designs, and innovative engineering were made possible when the JAPI group also attended the much-anticipated Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, or more popularly called the Auto China 2024, held from April 25 to May 4, 2024.


With China now becoming the undisputed largest automotive market in the world, Auto China 2024 has taken a much more relevant role since it began its biennial exhibits in 1990. For JAPI, being in the thick of the action in Auto China 2024 opened many windows of opportunities, enabling the group to expand its networks, putting it ever closer to fulfilling its commitment to expand their knowledge and wisdom, and create more partnerships.

In the photo: Mr. Vikram Channa, Vice President – Warner Bros. Discovery, Mr. Li Xueyong, President – JETOUR Auto International

A highlight of Auto China 2024 was the collaboration between JETOUR Auto and the Discovery Channel, Warner Bros' flagship channel, for JETOUR's "Travel+" concept highlighting the journeys and explorations to the unknown, and breaking boundaries—which aligns with JETOUR's brand spirit and development and upholding the concept of "Travel+," instilling in its user the fearless attitude toward the rugged road ahead, just like its SUVs. At the signing of the strategic collaboration were Vikram Channa, Warner Bros. Discovery Vice President (left), and Li Xueyong, President of JETOUR Auto International (right).

JETOUR Auto also displayed its roster of world-class SUVs, C-SUVs, and EVs at Auto China 2024. Prominently displayed, and garnering much attention, was the JETOUR T2, the brand's first 4WD SUV which created a buzz immediately after being recently launched in the Philippine market.

Another highlight of the JAPI group's trip to Beijing was its participation in 2024 JETOUR Auto International Annual Business Conference. Here, the members of the group were in their element, their accomplishments for the Philippine market for the past 14 months since the JETOUR brand launched in Manila was at pace with the rapid worldwide growth of the JETOUR brand. A total of 45 partner countries participated in the annual business conference, and with more than 600+ dealerships globally as each partner pledging "to achieve big things together."

In the photo: Mr. Miguelito Jose, Managing Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines (receiving the award from JETOUR Auto International)

JETOUR Auto Philippines stood out at the annual gathering as it was handed out the Best Customer Satisfaction Award, which was received by Managing Director Miguelito Jose.


JAPI Managing Director, Mr. Miguelito Jose, remarked during the conference, "In our expectations for future cooperation, we expect even better and stronger bonds with JETOUR and our international partners."

For the business conference's 2024 theme of "Together and Beyond," Jack Chen (General Manager – JETOUR Auto International) asserted, "We believe all partners will work with all their power with JETOUR to reach our ambitious target, thereby creating the magic for high profits."


As the worldwide delegates of JETOUR have been unanimous in acknowledging that the brand has enabled them to "grow and progress together," they have also vowed, on their part, to help the JETOUR brand continue what it does best, and that is "delivering unique, high-quality, high-technology products at affordable prices."




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